who we are

Right 2 Survive is a direct-action group of the houseless, formerly houseless, and their allies founded in 2009 which empowers houseless and disenfranchised people through education about civil, human and constitutional rights. R2S aims to secure use of public lands, buildings and resources to help the people who need it most.

The Ambassador Program is a diplomatic outreach project of Right2Survive. We create opportunities for housed Portlanders to meet and learn from houseless neighbors, aiming to promote respect and equality through these relationships and highlight the knowledge and experiences of houseless Portlanders.

Why we use the word “houseless”
You are probably familiar with the term “homeless” to refer to some members of your community. When we hear the word home, we often think of the sense of belonging it gives us more than we think of the building itself. Even those who do not have a house may have a place or community where they feel at home, and using the word “houseless” is a good way to say that all of our neighbors belong.

“My home is where my heart is, not bound to walls of brick and mortar.”
-Lisa Fay
Chair, Right 2 Survive