our projects

Monthly Tours

Come learn about Right 2 Dream Too by taking a tour. The Ambassador Program offers tours on the third Sunday of each month at 1:30. Please gather at the front desk on NW 4th Avenue near Burnside.

All Hands on Deck

Right 2 Dream Too will lose its site in April; our All Hands on Deck art project is one way we are insisting on a future site: we will build it, tile by tile, until it becomes a reality. Shape in your hand a clay tile to help build a path into a Right 2 Dream Too. All Hands on Deck involves other efforts too (see  Use Your Voice) to make sure Right 2 Dream Too continues past April. Houseless and formerly houseless people have organized a constructive approach to protecting sleep for houseless people, and it will take all hands on deck to make sure it continues.

Light the Hearth Celebration
We will hold a teach-in celebration to bring together housed and houseless people in the North Park Blocks on Wed. May 10. Let’s make art and enjoy music, drama, and poetry while Right 2 Survive broadcasts its monthly KBOO show live.

Where the Heart Is

We will offer collaborative poetry workshops to bring together housed and houseless people exploring ideas of home and community. We will publish an anthology to coincide with the Light the Hearth Celebration on May 10.

How do we view one another?

We are surveying perceptions between housed and houseless Portlanders to create a report.


If you are interested in  developing neighborhood programs in which houseless people share expertise about emergency preparedness, please contact us: right2survive@gmail.com


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